Tips For Selecting Aluminum Alloy Handle VS Zinc Alloy Handle

In the hardware fittings of modern windows and doors, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy are more widely used raw materials. That when we are choosing a window and door handle, is it good to choose an aluminum alloy handle or a zinc alloy handle after all? Actually, the handle of these two kinds of material is to have advantages and disadvantages, we will analyze and compare from the following respects below so that help everybody chooses the handle that accords with his requirement.

The cost of the die-casting mold
The die casting mold cost of the zinc alloy handle is cheaper, and the die casting mold cost of an aluminum alloy handle is much more expensive. There are three reasons as below:
First, aluminum alloys melt at 650 degrees, while zinc alloys melt at 385 degrees. Aluminum alloy material has high-temperature resistance requirements, so need to choose high-quality, wear-resistant, thermal stable, strong hardness of mold steel to do.
Second, the fluidity of aluminum alloy is worse than zinc alloy, so there are requirements for exhaust design, so it is more complicated in the process of mold making and design.
Third, under the condition of the same output, aluminum alloy die casting mold production to 10,000 die times need tempering, and zinc alloy mold can not be tempered, direct production can be.

The price
Aluminum alloy is cheaper than zinc alloy. Because the handle is of the same size, zinc alloy weighs more than half of aluminum alloy. In addition, the cost of zinc alloy electroplating is higher than that of aluminum alloy oxidation.

The hardness
Zinc alloy has higher hardness and tensile strength than aluminum alloy. The hardness of zinc alloy is 60~140, the tensile strength is 260~440, the hardness of aluminum alloy is 45~90, and the tensile strength is 120 ~ 290. But the high hardness of zinc alloy also leads to the problem of excessive weight, so in some doors and windows accessories, the selection of aluminum alloy material will be more appropriate than zinc alloy material.

The finish
Aluminum alloy has a better finish. The zinc alloy of the same weight is cheaper than aluminum alloy, in fact, because the density of zinc alloy is larger, the price difference between zinc alloy and aluminum alloy of the same volume is not too much. Compared with high-quality 304 stainless steel, copper, is cost-effective, and more suitable for ordinary family use. Aluminum alloy is not easy to be oxidized, but its hardness is not as good as a zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is easy to oxidize and deteriorate in the air for a long time. It will become very brittle and easy to break.

The density
Aluminum alloy density is low, but the strength is relatively high, close to or beyond high-quality steel, good plasticity, class processing into a variety of profiles, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, the amount of use is second only to steel. If the structure and die casting process allows, of course, aluminum alloy is more cost-effective.

The weight
The proportion of zinc alloy is about 2.5 times that of aluminum alloy, and the price is similar, so in terms of material cost, zinc alloy is two or three times more expensive than aluminum alloy. Now many enterprises in order to save costs, want to use aluminum alloy instead of zinc alloy, but some can not be replaced, because the strength, hardness, and molding performance of zinc alloy are much better than aluminum alloy.
The polishing plating
If the product surface wants polishing electroplating, and the exterior quality that asks very high, that must not use zinc alloy, material of aluminum alloy hands handle is qualitative it is very difficult to achieve the very high surface quality requirement, because aluminum alloy diecast molding performance is poorer, in product surface easy product a lot of stomata, electroplating comes out after surface quality is very poor.

The advantage of the zinc alloy handle is that the mold cost is cheap, and the strength, hardness, and formability are better than aluminum alloy. The disadvantage is that it is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and it will become very brittle and easy to break after a long time. The weight is heavier than that of aluminum alloy, and the unit price of the finished product is higher than that of aluminum alloy.

If you have any further questions in handle choose, please feel free to contact us.

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