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Customized windows & doors accessories service

sherma customized service

Are you looking for manufacturers of custom door and window accessories everywhere? Sherma is by your side.

Sherma is architectural hardware for aluminum windows and doors system manufacturer. Established in 1990, is committed to manufacturing professional aluminum window and door hardware accessories. We produce sliding door lock, Flush mount lock, mortise lockset,  multipoint handle, pull handle, window sash lock, hinge, Flush bolts, friction stay, limiter arms, roller, and other kits.

Why choose Sherma?

First, we have a professional technical team that can customize products or improves products for customers. More than 30 years of experience in manufacturing windows & doors accessories.

Sherma technical team

Second, we have our own mold R&D center.

mould workshop

Third, it is more than 7 years for foreign customers to supply customized services.

Forth, a small quantity of customized projects is acceptable.

There is some customized service project for your review.

Customized products for Australian customers.

This SHE sliding door lock series is specially designed for seaside projects.

The handle is made of zinc-aluminum alloy, and all accessories are made of rust-resistant SS304.

This product passed the salt spray test.

Sliding Door Lock SHE-7 details 1

These cylinders and accessories are customized for the Australian customers.

customized product for Australia customer

Customized products for Spanish customers.

Sliding lock SL22, cremone handle SB061A, SB061B

customized product for spanish customer

Customized products for Middle East customers.

Handle SB062, SB053, SB031, SB030

customized product for middle east customer

All you need to do is submit your idea or customized specification to us, and our professional team will supply you with the customized solution. Welcome to cooperate with us in the near future.

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