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What are the factors that directly affect the quality of your doors and windows?

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Many people mistakenly believe that the quality of doors and windows depends on the profile. In fact, hardware accessories are the real key, because these small accessories are an important part of the link profile. Only with these small accessories can doors and windows be installed and used. So what kind of hardware accessories directly affect the quality of doors and windows? Did you know all about it?

Hardware fitting of common door and window consist of 3 major components, It is operating parts, locking parts, and connect load-bearing parts.

1. Operating parts

The operating part is the handle used to open doors and windows every day. The internal structure of the handle is different for each brand. But according to the industry standard, each high-quality hand must go through anti-rust treatment and qualified quality testing. The handle should look thick, the surface gloss should be good, the protective layer should be tight, and there should be no scratch phenomenon. The most important point is that the opening should be flexible and feel good.

2. Locking parts

The locking parts mainly include a locking point, locking buckle, transmission parts, and so on. The use of these accessories plays a vital role in the physical properties of doors and windows ( wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc.) Taking the lock point and lock seat as an example, the hardware accessories lock point, and lock seat is distributed around the whole door and window. The sealing and pressing force can make the sealings strip elastically deform, so that the fan and frame can be integrated, which can greatly improve the sound insulation, heat insulation, sealing, and anti-theft performance of the window.

3. Connect load-bearing parts

The connection load-bearing components mainly include hinges, stay arm, pulleys, tracks, and so on. The selection of this component is particularly important, which is related to the performance, safety, and life of doors and windows. In terms of function, the hinge is an important component to realize the rotation and load-bearing of doors and windows. The quality of the hinge strength, strong load-bearing capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible opening and closing, and noise reduction. If the hinge quality is not opening and closing, and noise reduction. If the hinge quality is not good, once it encounters extreme weather such as typhoons and heavy rain, there will be dangers such as doors and windows crashing.

The stay arm can link the window sash surface and the window frame surface and can make the window open and close the link-type movable link. Especially in outer casement windows, since the windows open outwards, it is necessary to consider the load-bearing requirements such as the height, width, and weight of the sash, and stay arm with corresponding load-bearing levels.

Although these doors and windows accessories look very insignificant, it is because of the existence of these small accessories that use time and the effect of doors and windows are determined. If the hardware of the operating parts is not good, it is likely to cause problems with the opening and closing of doors and windows. If the hardware of the locking parts is not good, it is very like to cause security and anti-theft problems in the home. If the connecting parts are not good, it is very likely that the doors and windows will fall. So do not look down upon the hardware fitting of these doors and windows, because it affects the quality of your doors and windows.

Sherma company is a door and window hardware accessories factory with a history of 30 years. Its main products are handles, locks, hinges, arms stay, and so on. Products are exported to Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and so on. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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