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How to install a sliding door lock?


Now more and more people like to install glass sliding doors in balconies or courtyards. Because it helps to light up and increase the comfort of the living space. This requires us to install locks on the sliding doors to protect the safety of our life and property. Sherma is the main manufacturer of door and window hardware accessories, now we have launched a number of series of sliding patio door locks for you to choose. Please click here to find our more products on my website. Such as SHA series, SHB series, SHD series, SHE series, DSD series, STC series. Sherma Sliding Door Lock incorporates advanced security and safety features.
The ideal choice for sliding patio door applications.

So how to install a sliding door lock by yourself? Keep the door secure with sliding patio door locks and sliding patio doorkeepers, which ensure the lock latches when closed. If you install a new keeper and the lock doesn’t properly latch, you might need to make some adjustments until it works correctly.

For example, when you install sliding door lock SHE-8. Please follow the below installation instructions step by step.

Install the handle

  1. Drill holes
  2. Install lock chassis and outer pull
  3. Fixing the lock chassis and outer pull with screws
  4. Fixing the D handle with screws
sliding door lock SHE-8

Install the strike body

  1. Fixing the strike body
  2. Install the strike cover
  3. Fixing the strike cover with screws

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sliding Door Lock SHE Installation Guide
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